…once upon a time,

Maybe just a few days back, or a few weeks, perhaps months now, behind close doors, away from peering eyes and sniffing noses, in the most stealthy and surreptitious composure,low-toned conversations brewed as we stringed infatuations hinged on mutually deceitful lust…

passion flowed and emotions rumbled, we fondled and fiddled; flesh without and within but largely in wishful lustful reveries…

However described, in those golden moments of careless reckless caution, we fixed broken cycles, circled round wanton urges and bruised the propriety of sanity…

we staged a play of Romeo and Juliet, in the realest of time and presence of day!

Caring about nothing, bothering about nothing, nothing right or wrong, nothing proper or improper, we simply made a bliss of lust.

But today, our sun is darkened, our moon is sorely burned and shy, hid from our faces just as  our rivers are washed away and pleasure has become no treasure at all!

Indeed all these lovers have lost their savor and the pain of loneliness eats subtly but deep within… like a budding sore, aging tooth hurts deeply, so does vanity prevail!

Having pledged a new leaf to tell the sour tale of wounded lovers, broken cisterns and hateful  hearts…

A tale of truths and dares, staring at cupid’s mask, to decrypt intents and skewed motives, to rip off from lonely souls, unsolicited amorous pleasures gendering ultimately to seared consciences and metaphysical anathema. 

I was the ”white princess” revered and sacred for chastity but became scarlet when i reached, searched and plunged into the depths of strange thoughts… i strayed into desires that left me in the cycle of lascivious indulgence… 

This became my story, my darkness, my impurity and discoloration…

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