Webs (Mona kitty series)

Troubled on all side about my past

Things that happened so fast, I remember every seconds of it

I wished it could all be erased, i held on to a lost hope

Gave in to all my fleshly desire, It broke me beyond the point to heal

Erase all this memories; it haunts me in my dreams,

Take all my past away, Let them burn into ashes

I’m scared to be reminded, it taunts my day and steals my night.

Did I walk in this path?

I need to forget how I came to this path

I strayed away, got lost in my present.

Now I’m living a life I left behind

It is like being bond by the chains I created,

An inheritance I rejected, now it’s the only hope that is left

Lost all strength, none to even look, Tired of searching, tired of looking

Got all the answers but still asking the questions

Wishing I could hear something different

I can no longer walk with my thoughts

It gives me the wrong prescription and tells me I’m wrong even if I’m not

A chance to feel that pain, a pinch without gain

To whom I owe nothing and all, No memories of what sun shines is

Been lost in the thick darkens, Sun has been stolen away

Even the moon has no ray, as it does not exist

Ohh where is the rain? It has been murdered

Buried in the wind? Bedridden in tomorrow

I will give anything to have it again

I seek it, when I fear it, I long for it when I dread it,

I breathe it, even when its poison, slowly giving in the last breath.










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