… The Sixth hour (Mona kitty series)

An endless search for the 6th hourLosing the very essence of the 4th

A reminder of a happy day

Yet it’s memories fading

Caught in between is the 5th hour

Not wanting to let go, dreading the events the time has been stolen

Feels like a replay of tomorrow

Soaked in the touch of the present time

Our emotions deny the truth,

But my fantasies convey the lies, sinking deep into it.

The back seat was offered,

Straight without hesitation a passive gesture to get attention.

Drowning in last night vision, a recall of the side look,

A stolen gaze of a million multitude

Yes, we are two consuming the reality of our conviction.

We drown in endlessness

Unveiling the deep secrets of beyond

It draws near, yet we deny it, a need to rewind the sunset

The brittle touch of life that shattered all emotions

Uproar of the unknown but moaning for more

A call of distress, quickly answered by the alarm of 6.06

We’ve been inside a delusion of a road trip

The promise of another meeting

Even if departing now seems vague

There is a glimpse of the 8th hour
Written by Maureen Onah

Image source-Instagram 


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