Just over and across these freshly watered meadows

Where the sunflowers have overgrown caution and butterflies make a nest

A bit of the woods ahead and cover trees on the narrow path in

As hand in hand we walk through and yonder

Just where the birds chirp and sing endlessly 

Like it feels in the heart of a joyful face and the youthful glee of young lovers in thier own arms 

Even more blissful than tender lullabies or sweeter than freshly plucked berries 

There are happy endings beyond the gloomy looming regrets…

There are happy endings after the stern undeserved denials 

There are happy endings beyond the beautiful tales at moonlight or wishful thinking as it may…

There are happy endings ahead for you and I

This is the way of kings and princes, royalty and sanctified priesthood

Happy endings after has faith prevailed! 

There are happy endings now… 
This is dedicated to #men in one #struggle