No shades of grey…

So we took a dip and it did taste sour and horrid, then we took another and it was sweet as honey, smooth as a smoothie, altogether we tasted!

But how do we go own to savor the sweet and the bitter in the same mouth, or keep the rules and break the rules on the same day with the same bodies? 

How do we make it black and white? Why do we leave it grey? It’s meant to be either black or white; pure or impure. 

The truth is, the spring is either warm or cold, the color is either black or white, no lukewarm or tepid, just hot or cold!

We have come to roads that are both narrow and broad; high ways and narrow paths, but these don’t mix, they don’t go together in the realm of spirits, in the judgement book…

We must make a choice by just a choice, no scoffing; no scorners or bystanders!

We must either be kings or slaves; freemen or bondmen! We must chew the cord, keep the ranks and pay our vows!

We must run the race or be spectators in the long run, we must never let go! 


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