Stale endings…

Today I was looking really deep, deep down, within. I was trying to figure out, maybe I could place it, I mean, know exactly where or how I did you wrong but I could not exactly tell. It started to feel as though I had simply fantasized that you were as gold as I thought you to be, or maybe a part of me in someway, but again I guess I was chasing shadows, a “Mira-cast” perhaps!

I would not want to admit to you that it hurt really bad that you’re not the same again or simply put, “gone rogue”! Ok this is pretty much a reminisce of good times we flaunted, good times we passed and troubled times we overcame; even together. I tried not to compare the moments but it seemed sincerely impossible to ignore the metamorphosis that ensued… Like a huge translation from loyal to disloyal! Now I am thinking to myself, could this be the same way I had made some others to feel? Could this be like karma or something? Could this be? But again… I never gave promises to them, I never did say what could make them stay forever… Ok maybe I did somehow but absolutely not on intent… But I am certain I would have said “sorry” if I had to or found out I had hurt with my silence and absence!

Ok let me roll the dice, if I get a six in double, I would simplify; I could state relatable references for you to get me clearly… Ouch! The figures came in odds! The truth is I respect memories shared with friends, I savor the good times, cherish the tough times but feel sick about the sad endings! I simply can’t have a repeat! I’ll walk away this time from this hurt, knowing that I tried to salvage the ills, but it slipped through my fingers after all I did! 

I can understand now, why Akan stayed away from this web, this cryptic mind-spells…or heart-games… Maybe even love cycle! It’s annoyingly cyclic and mystic! I now would stay off too… Do my bit, chase my goals and win my own heart!

Dedicated to stale endings…


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