In the scrolls, the holy scrolls; the book!

On the pages of life itself, the fire pages!

Have you not heard?

Have you not read?

Do you not see?

I have seen, yes I have read and now, I even perceive ….

The pages flipped and my heart skipped!

It was as though the very earth quaked beneath my feet…

It was a spellbinding trepidation, an intimidation of the very human soul, a feeling beyond the separation from body and mind!

The words of the scroll literally crawled out into my tiny ear-holes; melted the wax and the sensation was beyond tingling, it rendered a cleansing !

The realized I that all my shame and fear, aligned at once as the truth pierced those thick log like  bars of vanity, built over years of absolute ignorance; a denial of life and truth it self!

But as those words came alive in me, a peace indescribable, unexplainable and irrefutable came upon my very childlike soul, just as an intense taste yet soothing feel of  pure honey on my souls Hungry  tongue…

It is written and because it has been written for me,also for you, yeah contained in the very ancient and very present scrolls, mercy and favor speak eternally for you… 
Only because it’s been written will our souls find sweet rest and graceful bliss!

These words are infallible, lively and believably true!

It was written years before you and  I were conceived, by the master of time and creator of space! He wrote and said, ” the sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night”, He said also that all who believe will find life and peace eternally.

These words resounded and resonated in me, as the preacher preached, they perched on the patches of my very wounded soul, the carriage and feeble hinges of my frailty; a formless void of my lustful desires repelled the dispelling of its impurity!

I then ate my own fears and swallowed my very disbelief, the dark gave way for the overwhelming light, a transfiguration was consummated yet again! Sharper and quicker than any two-edged sword, faster than even the most ambidextrous samurai but easy to swing by the meekest believer!
I found grace in geometric scale, an increase of divinity and defiance of the gravity of sin, an afore grievous and gruesome depravity; the captivity of my very being, but I grew wings and flapped them above this weakness of darkness!

The written words are potent, when read and when said, when taken and believed as so written! The words give or take, kill or make alive, they quicken or deaden, rejuvenate or subjugate! The words are capable, immovable yet adorable on the lips of babes and sucklings! 

It is written!


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