Rhapsodies from a grateful heart…

I could write about just anything but I find ease when I express you, when I reach deep within to the very depths of my heart, when I search vigorously within the cacophonous conversations of my cogitation, when I simply speak of your truth and absoluteness! When I am yielded because I have been so often humbled by the revelation of your boundless love, your unchallenged and most sincere commitment to this “unfaithful” me!

How you do me daily, how you kiss me, how you touch me, how you hold me… In the fire, wade with me in the waters, fly with me above the mountains and glide with me in the valleys…

All these get me so squarely, totally mesmerized by your undeniable, matchless love for me, just the way I am…how you just do me!
Last time I took a voyage, the tempest stormy seas, the ravaging gusto of wild winds, the reckless acceleration of uncontrollable chauffeurs, those fearful tearful moments of painful realities, you stuck through the thin and thick of these with me, just me, hateful hurtful me! 
I find no words rich or good enough to sincerely express my gratitude…

Keep me still, when I fail or fret, when I hide or run, when I loose my way or get lost in this twisty maze of life… Find me always and love me still!

Don’t let me fall completely by the wayside, bring to the waters of Eden and give me the breathe of heavens sweet garden scent…

I will hold on, stay and steer close until in you I am totally submerged, completely immersed and absolutely given. 

I just love the way you love me!


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