Love’s not blind…

Although she may act blind and sometimes present naive, love endures and hopes at all times…

Love clothes herself with patience and kind forbearance, through betrayals and hurts, especially by those we may call friend or sibs…

Love speaks for unity and fosters peace amongst nations, resents dissension and abhors oppression! 

She rules the people in regard for for life and seeks only the growth of peaceful coexistence… She humbly yet defiantly defends her own, nurses her wounded and cares for her aged…

Her pleasure is immeasurable when forgiveness wins amidst the hates and hurts of recalcitrant racist or incorrigible dogmatic tribalist! 

Love travels far and wide to seek her own and make her home… She stays at the oddest of time, forbears in the strangest of conditions… 

She’s reliable, available and very amiable!
Love sees very clearly, she deals wisely with warm and colorful discretion… She isn’t blind at all! 

She simply overlooks and ignores the helplessly guilty…

She’s is vivid and transparent in her tactful dealings… Love endures and protects!

Love is beautiful when beheld with the eyes of sincerity and truthful desire!

Love is you and I in our godly state!

Keep love.


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