again…I miss you😢

I thought it was meant to be mild , a transit from the “black-lands”to “white-lands”or maybe from “dream-city” to “real-city”

I thought I needed just a little boat and a single paddle; maybe wade the waters a little left, a little right…

But I see now it’s no transit; it’s an end as it were to good old days ,sweet memories or happy reveries…

I see now it’s goodbye to beautiful sceneries and graceful paradise, I see quite plainly that time has stolen hope and chance from you, even us…

I smell the scent of a lively yesterday and wholesome human fade so swiftly with the forbidden winds of deaths flapping wings …

I simply wish it was not goodbye or  history in process; I wish the heavens heard my plea,silent sobs and ceaseless throbs 

I am broken again and again as you passby without the smiles you promised to glow at last…

I find my spirit numb and my days cold without the warm embrace of your words of Hope … I miss you silly …

I sometimes think am a soldier when I hold within my pain and wishful pleas, I loose my mind to the winds of gloom as I vent them out!

I miss you again and again because your gone all too soon from me…

I wish you stayed and graced my garden with your fatherly love so divine!

I miss you… I miss you 

Again… I miss you

NB :Image sourced from Nat-geo post on Instagram 


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