crucible of pain

It’s a heat so intense like one in the furnace of hades, faces blistered from these fires as though pain is brotherhood …

Burning and hurting through this process of growth and change; all I can seem to feel is this pain and loads of her pangs…

I have no help but the ticking and passing of time to quickly unveil the best, the promises by eternity to be immortally blessed

But these fires though, how long? How can ? How would I? How does any keep faith and not curse fate ?

Yet counting joys amidst counting stars, that the trying of faith is irrevocably the addition of virtue irrespective of this crushing tribulationsĀ 

However persuaded better that he went in on first on the crucible and was duly crucified for the purchase of redemption; the crucifix being the Crux of the matterĀ 

Therefore steadfastly enduring hardships, pain , we gain because vain is the way otherwise; a give in to the fires!

It’s a daily burning in this crucible of pain, a register of the cross, the holy crucifix! But holding on to faith and strands of hope, surely as always, we emerge gods formed out of the pain and fires…

Grateful is that attitude for a formidable fortitude of hope and Ā help…

It’s only the crucible of pain!


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