If the windows close …

If they did close and are completly shut then the beautiful rains will not drip or flow…

If they were shut,the air would become still within and we might shed tears and wail like the wailers on the street

Because the Windows should stay open, because the grinders must keep grinding, we must not keep at ease without!

These Windows must stay open, these grinders must grind on, the blood  house and water house must keep thier pace… 

If we stopped the love, if we stopped the prayers, the crying and speaking, if the watchers decree unseemingly, if  the silver lining was broken and the cords disjointed then we shut the Windows…

We break the grinders and kill the blood house !

The daughters of music will fail and her listeners will break; the melodies will change

So Then these Windows must stay ajar!

The grinders must grind and the breathers must breathe!

Indeed love must persevere!

NB-image sourced via Google images


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