վօմɾ ӏíցհե…

A lamp to my path in the midst of these crowding illusions; vain divergence of vision…. In the void of the deep and nothingness of vanity, a sanity to anchor on and breathe of air to live by.

Your essence and beauty, a resplendence beyond words to describe; a glorious splendor numbing kings, princes and wise men.

It’s your very nature, your truest self and finest glow! Your burning and your fire all at once!

Without you was not anything made that became, in you is light and this is the light of men, dispelling the dark and whitening the blackest of souls.

Sins like scarlet, curses like hailstones are clear and crushed at once in the immersion by your word in your blood; yet again your light.

A glory and splendor unapproachable by no else but you, through you, for you! It’s simply you and totally true!

Gold is dark before your clearness, diamonds are opaque in your presence, jasper is dust and silver is clay! Your brightness and glorious shine shames the stars sun and moon in a blink!

You are light! You are pure! Your are whiter than snow, purer than sunshine and more blissful than the heavens!

“Cause your light to dwell writhin my reins and heart, let my veins bear thy rays and beam upon my mind the light of your countenance today”

Your light is life itself!


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