I like

I like the pipes, the sounds that emanate from depressing the keys and pedals 

I like the echo, the reverberations, the sweet noise 

I like the crystals, the reflections from and across the Madonna 

I like the garment, the robes, the pictures

I like the altar, the candles l, the fire, the decor

I like the pews, the marble tables and side walks

I like the baptismal tub, I do, yes I like it very much

I like the high Windows, the midweek serenity; of similitude to the moments at “call to prayer”

I like the caps, the crowns, the neck pieces

I like the water flow, the quiet rooms and flower vases

I like scrolls, the hymnals, the modern tablets and paper rolls

I like the white napkins, the sweet aroma of burning scented sulphur and fragrances

I like the people on Sundays, the children, the nursing mothers and young men

I like the stewards, the deacons,the pastors, elders and bishops

I like the priest( I mean the very high priest); the one who sits very high up there yet so down here always, the holy father, the one who sits and declares righteous verdicts!

I like the king, His innumerable angels and four eyed beings!

I like His elders, a score and four they were without me in the count to make a five…

I also like the lords of the ring, the fellowship of kings and the worship of Levites 

I like His glow, His voice, His presence, I like the Joy, the promises and His very word…

I like it all, I really do

I very much like it all!

Do you like what I like?

Images source: Google  images 


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