…Oba nla!

You are completeness !

You are goodness!

You are kindness!

You are holiness!

You are sweetness! 

Your are matchless!

You are you are you are !

You are eternity!

You are beauty!

You are sovereignty !

You are almighty !

You are purity !

You are sanctity !

You are totality !

You are …you are,you are!

You are the essence!

You are your presence!

You are the magnificence of creation!

You are splendor !

You are savor!

You are savior!

You are grandeur!

You are truth and candor!

You are the first and last!

You are alpha, you are omega!

You are completeness and the totality of might and power !

Creation tremble at the mention of your most holy name!

The waters freeze and snow melts, the mountains flee, the hills disappear!

Who can stand your matchless fragrant love, your sweet aroma and magnificent train?

Who dares to question your justice or the gift of your righteous?

Who surmons the demons and Angels, spirit beings and lucifer?

Who amongst the gods is like unto you?

You are glorious, victorious and conquerous !

I hail you … I hail you 

I yield in your presence to your essence !

I comply in unreserved subservience to the sweet merry and glory of your presence…

Oba mi…oba ayeraye o!

Baba mi…baba mimo!

Oba awon Angeli …oba awon oba o!

Oba wa oba re oba nla o!!!


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