So you asked why? Why did you ask why? Why did you have to ask today? Why was it so urgent to say why? Why did you not just observe why? 

When did you learn to ask me why? Who spoke to you? Who came along? Who touched your weakness? What made all these happen so soon? What stoked your fires? What took my love away? 

Which way now? Which of us now? Which of these do you so urgently seek to know? Why did you make this call? 

Did you know that we would have to now answer it all? Did you think it was already over before now ? Did you decide to cross the lines? Did you find? Did you realise? Did you just ask why?

I wonder, you make me ponder, you make me bother, I shiver in this fever, I resent this…

You don’t understand you can’t understand you won’t ever know why 

We should never because if we ever did answer all, we should never keep questions because if ever we kept questions… If ever we did know why, then our world would cease, our maker would cringe at this, our lives might be cut short, our days would burn our stories would become gory glories…

Don’t ask why, don’t ask what, don’t  say which, don’t quiz me because I know better, you know better, just don’t ask why!

Image credit-Google images 


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