Once upon a time…

Once upon a time we lived the happily ever after paradise, we traded the purest of warmth and kisses in the valley of timeless moments, a place of singular decisions, common dreams and sacred vows. There were no worries no fears no friends just enemies, we were gods locked in passion without compassion for others but in s selfless selfish love for each other…

Once upon a time, whatever was mine was yours and yours mine, we traded pain, we shared a joy, a life, we walked in the way, we steered the same course, we were birds of a kind. We dared the odds together and every other voice was null and void, just us, nobody else could be us, none was you neither was any me…

Once upon a time, our skies were blue, our victories were countless, our battles were conquests. We flew above summer birds and glided above the winds of the firmament together, we worked the aisle together, yes we shared even a vow…

Once upon a time, it did not matter that I was downtown but you were from uptown, it did not matter what tongues we spoke, love was our language! 

Oh yes even fairies grew increasingly jealous of our love, how so well it blossomed like cheery blossoms…

Once upon a time, you were mine and I was yourself only , I made you meals, I crafted trinkets and bangles of love , I made you live, yes I made you perfect as so also you made me, I felt you and you felt me. Our stories travelled on the lips of talkers and haters; lovers and scoffers ! It was bliss in a million ways , your every smile graced my every cry…once upon a time !
Once upon a time, you were just you and I was just me…but tonight all you’ve left me are broken pieces of you, patches of your torn heart, your wounded soul and broken dreams, all you left me are shadows of you, soon easily taken completely by transient sunshine, fading daylight and the crowding darkness…

Once upon a time I dreamed of a life forever with you, I hoped for eternity here on earth, I wished for every piece of your heart, but alas you walked away, I begged but you did go away, I ran to rescue,I screamed and beckoned, I looked into the nothingness of humanity for you … I did seek you but how sadly and too swiftly were you gone …

You died among the wicked, you slept with the lowly; You Made your bed with the charmers of hades , you simply died !
How so swiftly flown away, but memories of you will linger through ages, through the sands of time and prints of history. 

I miss the paradise we shared, the love we made and the moments we cried…
I curse your departure, I curse hades, I curse the swines, I curse the serpent, I curse the hands of time!
I miss your very self; wish you well on death’s voyage!

“lovers who died in love.”


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