Blistered kisses…

Overlooking his courtyard and vineyard was king Solomon’s, there were his concubines, his captives of war,payments for debts and taxes. Amongst these were maidens of Persia and Ethiopia, damsels of pure breed and blood.

Julio spent hours nursing plans; machinations to seize one amongst the  legion! He walked up the stairways of deathly desires and obsessive pleasures, craving nix but raw passion with these secluded ones.

On a certain night while the king slept he found the lust of his soul prevalent and overboard, he made way in through the tunnels of self deceit until he found a chance at the daughters of Sheba.

How could he not have seen the tattoos of the king’s ownership on her? He went in and made a bed among the carcasses of vain and simple men, he failed his clan and ended a life’s journey in the courts of love. 

A place of scarlet dreams and blistered kisses, where the young and simple awake mortality, those kisses were of strange taste, poisoned by greed and insatiable deathly desires…


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