Why the dogs barked…

Lost in the woods to strangers and heathen,it irked the dogs to now become subservient to unknown …

They were termed stray while others saw them as captured because truly chains held them bound to thier pains an suffering …

They hated the music, the sounds from those whistles the bush masters played to keep them on course by thier new ways,infact they were violated; striped of their  rights, dehumanized and sent to slaughter by every task …

But when the evenings came, while the rain and snow came, before autumn or summer, at the dim of sunshine, a watcher saw them…

He made for these cages and broke chains, he made a public show of the crooked and froward dealers, he saved the day !

This is why the dogs barked , they barked for astonishing joy!

The dogs barked !


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