The source, deep beneath the surface, penetrating wide, far and down… 

Her ugly within, twisted and winding to angles untapped or reached… 

A riddle or mystery, yet unsolved amist cleansing one evil By committing another; a futile ablution because this is endemic!

Deeply situated like as if traits passed on, from ancient times via generations,to posterity! A purge must require the separation of blood from blood, marrows from bones and totality of sanctity!

These roots go down, way lower and deeper than the depths of hades, a place where life is void and vacuum prevails.

She sits in between mind and soul like a lover addicted and obsessed, blinded by distasteful desires and scarlet pleasures!

These roots were entangling and spell binding but one came and fixed it all.He took the scrolls and read the verdict, he allowed an evil to cleanse the previous. Blood was spilled to save blood and life.

I partook of this but how so often too swiftly as though still enslaved  I find those roots again.

Must another evil be done to fix this evil? My roots call on me, voices creeping and crawling out of my roots, but I’ll turn on deaf ears however long I can.

I reckon these must daily die!

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