“Little fear”


 Just a little fear swirling up like a wild wind, so much worrying, in a gusto; blowing me to my knees now…
 oh how I hate to hear the whistling and hissing sounds of voices of a true conscience hunting me now, it’s as though the nights became longer already and the mornings went on an endless voyage…

I have inner palpitations, this time not my heart’s usual throbbing like a desire to burst my arteries but my soul panting for little fears, shadows of death; someone calls it…

I have a few more verses while I knock knees hoping that these wild  dogs I let loose on me would only bark but not bite and infect me, yes I took the wrong lane, went the wrong alley, made the worst intersection!

But now, how do I dispel these misty foggy thoughts clouding my mind, tearing my world apart, breaking grounds underneath my feet…?

I seek a little faith, a little love, a little kindness and a little mercy!

Give it to me; Till my fears allay, my shame be disgraced and my peace is restored…

Stand with me for truly you love as your scrolls suggest, bear with me though I flouted your loud beckoning like a loose wild boar, when yesterday and the days before I scoffed and mocked at you…

My flesh craved the flesh, lured by my impure thoughts, I gave in to old fables, little profits, little fears; I made away with the scarlet sheets and soiled my garment with wine from the strangers vine…

I do beg and pray thee for a little faith, a little kindness and a little mercy tonight .

NB-Image sourced from Google.


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