“Battle at mind”


 Plain and square , void as vacuum 
On life’s canvass, scarlet pictures by lucifer’s brushes 

She daily makes a sale of these arts; a bata of values and destiny

Giving to Ceasar his portion and to mammon her changes 

It’s a Battle; a war; a villain’s conquest!

She fights and you fight, but shelooses to thoughts and lewd passion

If truth be told, the guardians must help to keep her peace; the time maker and keeper must save the day

She fights, you fight, daily for control and victory to keep your path and destiny

***Image sourced via Google images


2 thoughts on ““Battle at mind”

  1. Sa'eedah Imam says:

    I found this deeper than its plain opaqueness and farther than its scarlet shinning mirage…..considering my conscious and subconscious state of mind when it dropped in my mail box 03:30am….

    It sliced through me powerfully, my thoughts and thoughts yearn from the mint.

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