on this other side…


I found pearls and white stones of love, I saw certain winged lovers, cupid looking beings bagging pieces of these. It could have been an unclear picture of daylight paradise or some beach scenery in heaven, it does seem so, because the water flowed like the purest and most crystal clear stream I’d ever seen.

Soon enough I saw my filth and smelt my stench as I made for the waters by the snow-white looking sands, I left trails of dirt and looked indeed unqualified, discordant in the purity of this rhythmic perfection and sanctity. my garment was rent and all my guilt further left blurry strokes on this canvass.

However, from a distance on this other side, a sound trailed me, lured me, beneath the peaceful and tranquil, pristine city of love! I walked towards the sound that called on me, it came from the waters as though the waters had voices, still small voices, calling so loud yet so distant… but as  I made for the waters, all the filth and dirt began to wash off me, I lost impurities, I gained purity.

My feet, my hands, my garment became snow and as white wool. I began to grow wings, all in this instant, A voice, so  trumpet-like and thunderous spoke and said ”its my blood,DRINK now”

I did drink and all was right on this other side, I became immortal, I felt eternity, I craved more and more because I met the THE SOURCE!

on this other side…



NB- image sourced via Google Images


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