“Vocal colours”


The colours promised and swore an by oath to us about a resolve to forgive and clear guilts ! Once, we lost a world so vile and evil to the waters of Noah but yet He preserved a few to make anew…I have heard a million voices of promises but always wrapped in broken vases because men would always break promises and vows made to Him or to each other, it’s therefore a safe point to trust only in the voice of the rainbow. It is an infallible promise made by an invisible invincible being, who has promised to fix the pieces of our lives as we daily find reasons to faint or pray in hope to Him.

I would have expressed this in words poetry but the simplicity and truth of His righteousness is best expressed in the simplest and purest form to willing hearts and minds, aching for a seemingly far reaching respite! 

We walk daily, at an average speed of 24hours per day to an inevitable end, through to a portal unto eternity but we are kept and dragged along in our daily walk by purpose and destinies entwined in the self purpose that He had us tagged by…

Our longevity and existence is a function of this purpose and value we birth or Carry, we die only when we have fit in the pieces of the puzzle, we are living and dying jigsaws! 

We therefore must find the need to stay alive through this walk; When the first world was destroyed, it had outlived purpose except for the man Noah and his household. 

The impossible is possible if we align to purpose! But how do we align to purpose? How Do we live longer in a dying world? How does anyone keep hope alive in this cyclic anathema ?Even environment is dying daily, the seasons are failing, our prayers are weaker, and hope seems so frail or too swiftly flown away like travelling summer birds! 

How do we hear the voice of the rainbow in the midst of the raging storm ? How does anyone see the colors in the voice ?

We must stand still and open wide our eyes of hope and hearts of faith, we must stoop to conQuer the fear and weakness to fail because when we fall we stand, when we walk, we fly and we fly, we soar through the skies, the limits, the box!

Boxes and cages created subconsciously by the thoughts that ravage our minds, these dwindle the strength to pursue the dream!  We need not change the dreams , we simply change the thoughts.

I have shared my worries and my victories on my daily walk through my world as i walk through unto eternity’s portal.

NB-Images sourced from Instagram posts


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