Hello …


 Someone , anyone , everyone… 


Operator, put me through, would you?


I am desperately in need of heaven’s ears now, anyone? Michael ? Gabriel? 

Oh please , I’m calling… To request an evacuation, can you do this like now?

Hello, yes I am here! 

Please, yeah … Tell papa I’m sorry so far…

” you need an evacuation?”

I  do? Right now… Right here, but again only if you please!

I’ ll take the long walk to places where vanishing points become paradise 

I would ride on that white horse and be so fly to a destiny unknown

I will…but firstly I need an evacuation, take him now or let me sail.

When I go I would remember you protected me in those last moments of  windy breathes and gushing tears…


again… Can you hear me, I need you now!


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