No struggle…given!


I surrender, I lift my hands up, I surrender in reverent Awe!

I give up, I yield, I stand stuporized by your committed love, mesmerized by the details of your plan in the midst of this pain, strain and stains!

I surrender because  I remember in December, you spoke while we were together in the unity of broken worship that you never stopped watching, looking through, keeping tab on me, on us.

“Eternal provider, bloody and beautiful, almighty mighty …giver of life itself… Sweet Savoury love, lover and King maker”

I hear you in the tunes, the scrolls, the testimonies of the an infallible testament…I will look to the hills from whence my help comes!

To you now… In tears of truth and a purged conscience, I surrender!

“Even if the world thinks me mad or otherwise, it don’t matter…bloody and beautiful cross!”

Making scarlet snow pure, Snow White…I surrender!

I surrender to yours not mine…totally given this time to you, waiting on your beam; flood my thoughts with light from these holy scrolls, cleanse my reins and fill my heart.


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