“Break of Dawn”

It’s one of those nights again when everything feels quieter than ever and the vast stillness of the dark is beyond what I might call pervasive, maybe rather invasive, probably akin to what we had before Genesis chapter-one made it all different! On my bed, just at a corner, in an entirely dark 3-bedroom neo-fashion bungalow apartment, on the city side in a west African state, with ears plugged to the sweet noise from my choiced music playlist, a conscious attempt  to numb the web of loud wrecking thoughts; largely about daily struggles, issues of spirituality, health, pain, setbacks amongst a host of other unspeakable worries… Notwithstanding, I am in a world of cherished difference, where pain and grief are kept frozen, however transient this goodly bite feels, “it counts, as long as I am here alone, not hungary nor ill, just here, a victor over this very moment, this very now, this darkness!”

“Until break of dawn, I am determined to steer this one-man crew through to a sustained conquest”  but this isn’t aeonian… It’s just a matter of hours and my realities will tap on the morning door, like the heavy knock on a wooden door by an old woman begging for red apples to stay alive…just that nagging nuisance you get when your  interrupted from a reverie about dinner in a king’s palace!

So tonight, making the best of the time I have decided to give a voice to my silence, dare the odds of making a new history of my secret hurts, give all these darkness some light, some exposure!

Yes, I’m deciding to purge my young heart and soul of envious comparisons, detesting my cancerous ignorance of life’s irrepressible control of opportunities and provisions; a gamble of fate and faith all in one baffling twist even to professed erudites and scholars!

Dwelling in the epiphany of the moment while carving out decisions in moulds and casts of penitence, forgiveness and pledges of no regret, I totally careless about how many hearts will bleed, how many cords will break, I actually love the way this burns!

If you are  at this crossing, this darkness… And it feels like a life is over, it isn’t at all, you just started living… In fact you have just aced life’s test!

I could write on and on, leaving you with winding and twisting details of this plot but this ends here because the summary is that your break of dawn is your choice and it’s waiting to be re-written by you!
NB: image sourced via google images 


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