Just like the morning wakes upon the dawn of a new day, I wake from this slumber and delusions that ravage my sanctity, a cause of my nagging insanity!

I find that groping in this dark wearied me often because many-times too often I give in to vanities that soil the soul!

I have felt broken and wounded, daily bleeding from sores of yesterday and even today… I have shed endless tears from failures and struggles within!

I lost friends and made foes, now too easily condemned, criticized and mocked…

Indeed standing in the way of vile men, sitting with the scoffers killing faith…

I have put pen to paper, moistened by dark ink because you had to read this piece, a story inspired by a destiny and a purpose preserved…

To tell a true tale, haply I might save a failing conscience, a bleeding heart, a dying soul, an unstable mind…

It ultimately ends in a love story; a promise to steer on and spin life’s wheel with you no matter how dark it seems or feel…

  yes void of light or any hope as it may seem; stormy and windy, even fettered by a self-brewed unbelief and subconscious yielding of your members to concupiscence… 

But It’s a testament, an oath, a covenant to make you gold worthy at the last assembly; that congregation of pure men

The crux of the matter is to rekindle the hope to do right and earn life, daily changing , daily saving and daily winning
NB:Images sourced from http://www.google.com


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