“face of love “

I write about Love and life, they are altogether the reason to live…

It’s the highest form of beauty to wear the face of love, it glows with hope, smiles with faith and grins with joy

So in the face of pain,war, poverty, hunger and starvation…

In the face of hopelessness,worry and tribulation
At the verge of shameful disgrace, because all you can hear from near and afar are the voices of scoffers and haters… 
At that point when it feels better to die than to live on unachieved, at that very tipping point, when all of your path is crooked and undulating with mounts and vales…
Check within and find a reason to love something or someone, maybe seemingly unlovable and if your in luck, you may have reckoned wrongly, it maybe quite a lovable being or passion or art… 
Something or someone to live and die for, s dream to dream, a vision to see, a burden to bear, a weight to lift, a tear to cry!
The “little-boy” lived and died for his faith… He steered the winds against all odds and the unseeable one , invisible and invincible reached out through the hands of the clock, fixed his hurt and changed his name!
I was weakened to sweet tears when I see how love ravages and revenges hate… It sickens me when friends and family flout the opportunity to stay committed to blood, when those you dare to die for, trivialize your commitment to them and make common the communion you seek with them… 
Again I say love to die and live for love!
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