Black & white 

So says the sound of the clock; tick and tock

And the rising and setting of the sun; or tidal waves , rise and fall…

It’s a sweet and sour taste, honey in the mouth but bitter warm wood in the stomach

Rainfall and sunshine, winter and summer…

Noise and silent calm,light and dark …

All making for the beautiful contrast, spelling the boundaries, no in betweens 

No grey shades, just light or darkness with Him

Just right or wrong with Him

Just true or false, just black or white! 

The rythm of nature speaks clearly of the sides; death or life !

Head or tail, lost or found, broken and mended!

Make or female; man and woman

It’s a black and white, no greys, no shades of grey!

It’s clear in faith or fear, blind or sighted!

A walk through paths undefined within the right and wrong boundaries will do no good!

It is black and white here, in my soul, my heart, my head…

Stay clear if you have got the ” grey-fever”

It’s either on the narrow or Broadway… This voyage !
“Image sourced from Google “


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