I listened real hard and amidst the cacophonous rattle of swinging and slinging swords of battlemen, a cry so sad yet so given,from the sweetest voice of melody and harmony, as the crown fell off the shoulder of the the boy prince!

He had chosen loyalty, dignity and humility over the lofty nobility of the throne… He cared less about his mortality, posterity was no prize for him at all…

But as he fell under the enemies sword of oppression and pervasive injustice, he transcended into firmaments beyond…

He was transfigured and reborn with the gift of eternity and immortality, he found a place with the gods!

He became flesh but ascended spirit!

Today sweet victory melodies fill the air of this eternal conquest and bravery motivated and inspired by the purest of love His kingdom

It is said that Hid reign will know no end… And the truth of his prowess will endure accross generations

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