On cliff images.jpgthis very edge, I tilt into a sleep A slumber so deep…I slip within

Groping and reaching for veils lifted and no more 

While I depend on self efforts to win a race where grace alone I need, I loose my joy because guilt prevails!
But as always and forever your voice speaks to my aching soul, and peace relieves!

Teaching me to lean on you alone

My spirit within seeks you daily; a cry to hold the faith!
Take me beyond this cliff to places where spirits thrive!

Speak to me now and always, leading me by the hand that I may soar above the clouds that cloud my thoughts!

Quench my thirst with new wine from the vine indeed, give me oil for joy that my heart may be filled with the abundance of your goodness!
On this cliff, give me wings to fly beyond!


image sourced from Google


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