Voices within my soul..

“Dear young one , please spare me your fetcher that I may draw deeper within and drink of the waters with you” 

“Lend me a hand to come closer as I find my footing by this well, oh please pull with me, drag with me, that quickly and swiftly we may pull together…” 

For iron sharpens iron so also intercourse begets lovers…

“If I make my bed in the deep, lay with me and dream with me … For today the world is ours for the taking while hand  in hand we strengthen each other, daring the odds that daily stare at us, rumbling this ocean of love and people, making the winds seem wilder than the force that sets us to sail…”

It is indeed a lonely and narrow path, we trek alone amidst the vengeful wicked…we must pray ceaselessly because the prize of this race we must win!


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