Freda’s Closet


Behind the curtains…

Where the lights do not get through nor the sounds 

In the assumed stillness and calm 

Yet beating hearts and panting breathes 

Behind the closed doors; in the  dark closet 

Away from the cheering voices; the screaming audience 

Away from the intermittent applauses; the ovations 

I sat alone, in the loudness of my own, deep worries, wild mind, twisted desires, scarlet dreams 

I waited for the next defeat, the next  failure, the very next…disgust, the next moment of broken promises

I couldn’t go beyond the curtains because I had become so untrustworthy, unfaithful, unreliable 

Doing daily the things that kill the script , ruin the act, kill the story 

Now I am sure I work harder daily to  make this fail but for you’re relentless belief in me 

If you want me to go beyond the curtains to the lights , maybe now you must hold me by the hand , I give all

Take every piece of me , make of me the artiste you seek

Squeeze this life out of me and shine the light so bright on me

Fix me again and grace my acts with your eyes of love….

Re-write my verses 

“Fred, I see you, I have gat you…”

Image source -web anonymous


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