Ezra’s passion

  Once upon a time, as  I went far back in time through the holy scrolls where I met a man called Ezra. Ezra was very typically bearded just as the middle eastern rabbi and scribes were usually presented, he also had lots of grey on his skull to show for years lived and learned. However I would wana talk about Ezra’s passion for something my words can not describe effectively, Ezra had a unreserved passion for Elohim. He was just so addicted and I this counted for obeisance and totality of worship for someone more superior to humanity of anything that concerns it. Once he felt that men had left the path of truth, and Ezra took off his hair from scalp to chin, rent his cloths and sat on the bare ground to reflect disapproval and soreness for degenerates. He considered life absolutely differently from what we see today. 

Ezra’s passion was God! He loved God and eschewed evil deeply! He had his entirety to studying and meditation, abstinence from sin and dearest for compromise. The story of Ezra’s passion is better accounted for in the holy scrolls.

I have been humbled at Ezra’s passion and his untainted commitment to God and his words of prophesy… I decided to share about Ezra’s passion because I am at a phase now, a crossroad to steer on rightly on truth’s path or wrongly away…

I need you now, I need you your passion, I wana be stupendously addicted to your passion, your love all over again .

Please Stay with me.


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