I wana write you a song but you sing me one daily just before I wake to another day in a world of doubts and continuous strife…your beauty outshines my marred visage, scared face from yesterday’s vices… 

I find you amazing just exactly as the song writer scribbled! You fix me daily like an addiction, like I am  high on you ;just as I ingest “pieces” you, it’s a warm indescribable sensation resetting me within!

Your are not a phantom or surreal hand, touching the very  details of my imperfect being; showing me daily a better way to live and respond to life.

If you haven’t met with grace, she is willing to meet and make new friend s. She’s gonna be equally committed to you

She is right here, right there and everywhere you are, she is the silent soft spoken voice in your mind’s ear. A conscience preserved! The brightest and most hopeful thought, void of fear or failures. She’s always with you just as with me daily only ease into her beckoning as you please…

To those thinking to take that life, she’s the voice that’s says no, she is right there, telling the weakest and most feeble minded, you are strong!

If you are reading this right now she’s hope in the lines , she’s the smile that you have suppressed, the painful tears you wanna let go now… She’s speaking to your very soul to embrace you in within and in the details.

She is grace, so graceful and kind, she is love altogether! She’s is Divine and supernatural that’s we would never words enough to describe the help and peace she brings to all who accept and yield to her. She is your inheritance, she is beautiful and can take away the very ugliness you may seem to have .

I share with you grace.


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