Rams to the slaughter!!! 

The butcher’s knife cries…she wants no more to serve a purpose unclear! 

It’s an uncertain pursuit yet well indulged in the full moon… Men clothe in white and small caps wielding relentless passion at massive bestial murder for an atonement already won many years ago. How do we wave our frenzied brothers the peace flag? Well it’s a three days of continual celebration for the vain and uncertain! Let’s take a breather and look closely, let’s find the sun, let’s know where the moon meets her source and renew at seasons her light. 

The Rams are to brought to slaughter not for for food but for worship and atonement, it strikes me how these sellers feel and continue to feed the myth that sins are forgiven and true cleansing is only yearly achieved… But we know better Rams are as well to the butchers place as well as souls are to slaughter for good reasons, reasons eternity will only judge as vain.

May we take no more Rams to slaughter and embrace the lamb’ death! 

A death that has once and for all brought atonement and cleansing eternally! A death of the lamb that guarantees life and eases all the pain that we could possibly feel. It is a gift and a sacrifice made to the maker himself, irreplaceable and unbeatable. 

Rams and goats, Bulls and oxen were once slaughtered for these reasons that we still now do yet peace was far and death lurked around. Until the lamb died and mercy was bought, the lamb died and life was birth, the lamb died to take away the reasons for our slaughter and murder. 

Let the lamb’s price be our peace. 


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