And Death died yesterday …


It was a loud screeching sound of agony vented from seven thin crevices atop his grave, a tombstone engraved with the words lucifer’s shame. This time spirits bowed to Spirit as victory was wrought over the spells within closed graves. 

It was no mirage but a vivid reality as  the clouds closed up and curtains were rent! Sounds of thunder, the brightest and most frightening lighting cut across the atmosphere. 

Kings fled, lions cried, stones broke into zillion pieces, even seas dried up… A battle for dominion long won before it ever began… 

A man died so humbly but rose a king with a crown so beautiful, too beautiful to describe, he rose to glamorous victory, he birth eternity and life anew.

He danced on his grave, he sang and then made decrees that sons and daughters alive or dead, born or unborn would live to immortality at the advent of eternity!

Death died but he rose in grace and awe, undefeated, unashamed, kingly and godly; immortal, invincible and invisible to the dead at heart!

It was this that relivened the script, a will in our favor, daily speaking for us, truly enacted by faith and a walk in love and grace!

And death died so life lived !


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