In my room, in the dark, the lights are out but my screens on…

Cold within and sad beneath, ears are plugged and sounds so loud

I heard above the plugs your call from the other place

I know that voice, the notes, the need, the pain, I hear you pa

I want to come right there and ease your hurt but I cannot always, because now you call to often

I wish I could give a lasting respite, kill the pain and lend you a smile

But sadly and sourly, I cannot again, I want to let go, maybe give in, maybe just maybe

I wish I could be deaf to you, but I can’t and I won’t because I love you

I love you even more than I ever thought I did, I need you again, I’m sorry i need you so much

I love you…so I will answer, as many times you call

I will because I love you still

In pain or joy, in health or wealth, in plenty or lack, I will always be there…

image- Google images


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