make another…


I was where you are, a place of doubts and guilt. A place where strength had failed, because over and over again in the pews, on my knees, just like a broken jar, I could hold no tear for flashes and convictions from yesterdays failures mixed with hurts and pain.

The music that played was soul piercing, every note in pitches that tore me down, i was speechless; i had no more promises left to make Him. I had broken many too often, saying over and over again , how i would not knowingly breach the edge again. But in my heart i knew that i would soon quickly savour the sour sweetness, a passion that could only birth the pain and disgust i now felt.

I was exactly at the crossing… a place to give in!

Then just as always he spoke again, he echoed your love, his peace and his hope. I listened as the preacher preached and gave the urge to steer ahead; I found the strength to make another…

I gave in to the comfort of his word, words that carried only love and life, waking my marrows up and giving fire to my bones. I knew this only was how I wanted to feel and be. I gave up my pain for his touch. I made another…

If your still there, I mean at the crossing, on the edge at that height, don’t jump…it is better to fly than take the fall. He is always true and faithful to fix you, we are sons.


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