If I could hold you and touch you again

If I could be with you without end

If I could dance with you, so beautifully well

If I could make this moment with you

If I would look at you so admirably like one would lust so greedily at gold stones and diamond pearls

If I could be with you always, now and forever

If I could hold you so dearly and warmly like a mother cuddles her new born

If I could wake only and mostly with thoughts of you

If I could be with and in you always

If I could love you stupendously

If my whole life was constantly wrapped in you

If my words would speak so graciously of you

If my passion was totally you

If I could sing your song forever

If the world meant nothing to me but your honour all to me

If all could pass away and time could cease

Then it’s okay because my peace is made and my heart is yours

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