Your heart is broken

Friends are few and swift to judge

Your thoughts hunt the peace and joy within

Your soul confronts her worst of fears

In the midst of persistent lack and need

Your faith despairs and fails


The meals are scarce and sourced

Clothes, too few and old

The roof leaks, the windows are broken and rays scourge

There are no horses or cars nor tickets for the train


The music fades and the noise within becomes deafening

Prayers are not in want of words but are unanswered

Visions and dreams fail while fearful thoughts prevail

The storms assail and the waters drown the feet

Just when

All these are at zenith and life hangs over a decision cliff, to hope or to despair; to believe or give in; to live or to die; to smile or to cry; to love or to hate; to faint or pray? Just when all of these flush your mind and soul…be still!

Be still, be still and steer on, because the watchers are never asleep, the watchers are with you, the watchers are near and the watchers are keepers…

Help is certain because love and life abound.

Be still, be strong and believe!