Where the golden angels are…

I want to go across and beyond…

Further and farther, where you are father…

Where the angels fly to and the sun never goes

That is where i want to go…a place of beauty, resplendence and glow

Where the river of life flows and the maker himself is…

I want to go as swiftly and quickly like a winged creature, fly yonder

To a place where love is pure yet no lovers are

To the highest, widest, deepest, brightest place

A place where your blessing flushes me, floods us on every side!

I would give all yet again, to make that city train…

Need this one way ticket to eternity but no vanity fair…

I want to go quickly, daily and always…

I want to sail across the wild and open seas…

To the place where the golden angels are

Beyond the skies and firmament

I want to make that banquet, a chance to sit with the king

I want to give my trip here for a ticket on the wheels to my lighthouse

Take me there now, where my comfort is thorough

To the warm fires in this cold arctic

That is where we all should be, all of us who seek the king

To the city of golden angels

come sail with me!

IMAGE SOURCE- googleimages


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