“Ol Boy! How far?”
“Morning! Una get light?”
“My electricity card don finish since 2 weeks ago!”
“Go buy now?”
“I don dey perambulate NEPA abi na PHCN abi na DISCO or GENCO office
since last month, dem say dia computer don jam!”
“See you! Na only one NEPA office dey for town?”
“Na only one NEPA office we fit see card buy for town o!”
“What of your Generator?”
“Where I go get petrol start am?”
“Oh! Na wa for you o! so you no dey informed about the current thing
wey dey happen for Nigeria Delta?”
“You mean Niger Delta? We dey read am for paper. Shebi dem give dem
amnesty and dem refuse, dem come dey cry for help now say soja dey
commit genocide for their land”.
“Shut up! Wen dem born you? The thing wey soja dey fight for in
Nigeria Delta…. Abi wetin you call am?….yes! Niger Delta na dia
property?” Abi na Nigerian Government get the property?
“I beg your pardon! What property?”
“Oyel of course!”
“You must be out of your mind! Shuo! That oil belongs to all Nigerians
those vagabonds wey dey disturb public peace for Niger Delta after
government don settle them for “chop I chop” conference go no say
“khaki no be leather” this time around, shebi you hear wetin commander
talk say dem no go agree until those rascals and drop outs surrender!”
“Which commander?”
“JTF Commander”
“Dat yeye man wey no fit speak English?”
“A “Two Star” General in the Nigerian Army and a War tested Officer you mean?”
“Wosh!….Mechionu! look let me tell you those boys you are referring
to as vagabonds or dropouts are “freedom fighters” and revolutionaries
some of them go school get even doctorate degrees before dem decide to
emancipate their people for Niger Delta and claim back their property
from all these “Papa Deceive People” politicians, make I tell you dis
time around na fight to finish o!”
“U dey craze, na those touts go defeat Nigerian Army?”
“Useless Man, dem don bribe you!”
“Look, look O! These 2 jobless men…. I wan open my shop o! make una
comot for my frontage una stand dia dey argue since 6am until daybreak
una no go  look for job?…wo if una no comot for my frontage I go
pour una water o!”



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