The ground was covered with thick black smoke. Large tongues of red
flame balls jumped up and down enthusiastically as I ascended slowly.
I found myself out of my body as soon as I heard that loud GBAM! Sound
and everything went dark. As I defied the force of gravity at a
dizzying speed, I caught faint glimpses of the rubbles of once
magnifying structures. Could this be the end I wondered as I ascended
the skies rapidly?
*                              *
I had been married for a little less than eighteen months. When news
got to me that a bundle of joy has just been added to my young family.
I must wrap up my engagements today to unite with my family. But I
have to hold a crucial meeting with my clients before I depart. I
looked at my wristwatch.
“I can finish my meeting and take the evening flight” I muttered. I
picked up my phone and dialed. The familiar sweet voice that often
drives me to ecstasy came alive
“Wale I hope you have not changed your mind?”
“I do not think I will be able to make it d-a-a-r-l-i-n-g”! I told
Deremi teasingly…
“You can’t be serious she said laughing”…
Deremi, my wife had a way of discerning whenever I tried to tease her.
“The baby can’t wait to see you” her sonorous voice brought me back
from my reverie
“Guess what… I have a surprise for my son”…
“What surprise she crooned”
“It’s a surprise my dear”….
She persisted but I cut her off by telling her I will soon be home.
*                            *
I got to the airport at about 5minutes late and I saw my scheduled
flight departing the airport.
“You don’t understand, I have to fly today” I tried to explain to the
boarding manager who was checking passengers into the next flight. As
we argued, one of the passengers came down looking distressed and
clutching his phone to his ears, obviously he was not keen on
travelling any longer. I quickly purchased his ticket and rushed to
pick my seat in the aircraft. I relaxed on my seat at the business
class section as the plane taxied off the runway and ascended in
height. I looked at the couple beside me with their three kids and I
felt proud and happy that I had also become a father. I saw two pretty
young girls seated in front of me and my mind wondered at what I would
have done when I was still single and sowing wild oats. A mischievous
smile crept through my face. Some lousy young business executives were
arguing on top of their voices behind me. I gave them a cold stare
which sent messages to them. I looked at my wrist watch and knew that
in an hour or thereabout I should be in the warm embrace of my wife.
All of a sudden, at about 40minutes into the flight, the plane began
to jerk at first gently and slowly then very rapidly. People began to
panic as crew members made unconvincing attempts to pacify them, but I
was calm. The plane began to nose dive rapidly as it became apparent
that a crash was inevitable. My whole life from childhood, my parents,
my siblings, my education, my work, my lovely wife and my unseen child
flashed through my mind all in a minute as the plane plunged into
buildings and down.  All was silent at first, but cries and shouts for
help started coming from all parts of the plane as bedlam prevailed. I
was motionless as I lay down beneath one of the upturned seats. A
thumping pain seized my neck. Then heat and smoke began to envelope
the whole cabin. I felt my flesh melting and all of a sudden a loud
explosion, and total darkness.

@babsiwalewa (twitter)


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