Behind the curtains


There, under skins and broken bones…away from cheering onlookers, when time is a friend and feet are hot…right in the dark
We become us again and though we ought to grope, we see better; know better, just how every bit of life spins…
It is behind the veils and these faces masked to render involuntary smiles, behind; where pain lurks and ease is far, when names stink!
It’s beyond this wall…i need to be me, i need to be for myself and unto others, a light and salt
Just in that moment of my night when i am alone, i want to be a true light and path to follow…
For behind, as across the Berlin wall, we bleed the veins, arteries are open and lives dangle on balances!
Alone we probe the equity of a jury and a judge…
But behind went He; those walls and curtains…
A lamb and truth he was all the way…
Undefiled and unabashed through and through,
Behind the veil, broken pieces of the walls of partition were scattered!
Salvaged beyond the veils…right where mercy sits, life eternal and peace becomes…
Behind…where my wholeness in the strength of weaknesses renewed….

I see you within not without, visage marred and love outpoured
To render just the unjust, saving altogether the mighty and weak…
It is this that keeps us behind, stronger and wiser though within we fail.


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