Sidewalk tunes


From the ball dance to the  sidewalk in low tune conversations…away from the boogie man, savouring those moments that swiftly flew away like the summer birds or sweet smell beneath my nostrils

I was in the picture when i was a part of love’s lure, a hue so distinct, by an instinct beyond the feelings of bliss, not amiss amidst the maddening crowd

Until it was mayday call from some where in life’s  Bermuda triangle of love…one story accounts for the backstabbing scenery, one without the complete truth about a man and woman reasons to stay together

Staying on with my hurt, i was there when little foxes visited the vines…little lies, little wiles, little guiles…all at once! I gave heed to vices perceived in the presence of all.
I could ask for friends and less foes or angels not demons but it is a highway to hell, this walk with the romances and advances of my imminent past, wrapped in the weakness of an intrinsic prejudice…it is all i need now, an end to prostituting with the “old” man!
Thus, life is better on the sidewalk!

(Image sourced from google)


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