“Transfiguration square”

I returned to my room, there is a spot, I call it the “transfiguration square”, I’ve got a chair in it and there I commune with angels, spirit to Spirit, heart to heart. There a creation meets his creator and peace is perfect!

In the ambience of perfect love and light, I see my inadequacies; I see how far I could have been, and how distant I should be, away, a million miles or more, away from my maker’s bosom, unworthy and filthy I could have been but for the promise of a grace, a love so swell and able, perfect and just enough to have my sins all covered!

This beauty awes me amazingly; in some sort of glorious limbo, I reckon. A place where my bones fail to keep my frame upright because just last night again, I was deeply drowned in disobedience, ashamed and weakened by little compromises and broken promises from me to you. I wonder why you yet speak to my spirit about your purpose; I seek answers beyond these realms of pain and insatiable desires!

In your psalms, King David wrote and worshipped you as one without beginning or end, king eternal and creator of the galaxies; countless and numerous are your works, granting mercy to thousands and pleading the cause of the oppressed, the needy and widows. You are as they spoke of old, supreme and eternal; immortal, invisible and invincible!

I daily seek to abide in your courts of praise and worship, I seek a new song, I want to see a new side of you, casting crowns and lifting hands, bowing hearts is all I want to do. Make me rise on eagles wings, soar with hind’s feet and grant me peace as a dove while I walk the earth wiser than the serpent!

I love you forever, I love you forever I love you forever Lord… I need you forever, I need you forever, I need you forever Lord. Words fail me to fully express my heart, my love, my life, because you keep on looking out for me, you remain the strength of life, I lift my voice to you in total praise, if I had a billion words , I couldn’t praise you rightly!

The oceans and seas, rivers and streams flow in reverent regard for your word and holy name, faithful God, holy one. The mountains, hills and vales flee at the sound of the breathe of your nostrils, it is true that you live forever and in the shadow of nothingness, in the shadow of the winds, your splendor leaves a savor and aroma so sweet and perfect, healing the nations and cleansing the impure!

The universe declare your majestic gait, the orderliness of the galaxies and stars remind me of your faithfulness, the rising and setting of the sun speak of your truth and promises, the seasons show that you love the works of your hand!

Tonight again, as I sit and then lay in this corner, I speak to you, spirit to Spirit, I submit to the wisdom of your words, I yield my heart and body, living sacrifices to you, I pledge to love and desist from prideful looks, to refrain as often as I should, from  folly and perverse ways!

I give it all again in humble adoration!



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