In the beauty of pain and joy…constantly steering in the paths we daily tour on the journey to fulfill written destinies.

A place where the unseen keeps us in the confines of purpose…like prophesies from the mouth of watchers must be kept.

The lines so thin, yet we never fall beyond or within the caskets of hopelessness and despair.

In all these foreordained to be strengtheners and virtue builders, as we face ordeals that seek to take us from life’s source.

Never seen any reason to doubt the existence of this supreme deity…keeping mercy for thousands
Saving millions, heeding the endless pleas in the voice of touching cries yet by laws and dictates, ordinances made, never broken, laced in an eternal burden of love for us,
Pledged to be available eternally, to as many as yield.

I felt the fangs of death, tingling and painful as it glided on my skin…an unseen hand disentangled me from this deathly grip.

I had no reason to walk out tall ever nor stronger, but mercy from the ancient of days kept me through.

Tears filled my eye sacs…i knew instantly, how He had spared me again, undeserved,he did,covering the multitude of my trangressions, His beautiful love.

I stand speechless,awed by His choices for me, indeed never sleeps; never slumbers, not slack, not lapse in promises to His own.

To the theist and atheist…He commands his endless love, daily!

When the rains pour down heavily, when it thunders in voices of judgement, when it sparkles the lightening of mercy…He does in equity all who live and die, saved or unsaved
When the sun shines or sets, He remains
We owe him this, we should be given to His cause
Like a tree is to a leaf, we owe Him absolutely all
To live or die, we owe him our lives


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