Once upon a time, I lived in the realm of vanishing lovers; a kingdom where love became so rare and wanted, a place of bland professions, a time of broken promises and sour tales…
It came to pass that light shone in twilight, it was as a result of smiles on the faces on a new Romeo and Juliet, vows were renewed within the palace, a king was going to be born, a prophesy came true. This would herald a change, revolution, newness, a reign; life over death, the tale of it spread throughout the kingdom…
I thought I had lived enough, I thought I had found life, when through Egypt by the Nile I dwelt, fishing at the streams and having the bliss of windy nights and cold showers…
It was until I moved into Bethlehem and saw my savior in the manger, born to bring the life I now live, given to become king over all, it was until this bliss beyond splendor, I thought I had a life without…
To the wayfarer and bystanders, those without the promise or void of the Spirit, void of comfort, truth and the way, embrace the voice of mercy and grace, make room in your hearts for wisdom to reside, keep a place for the cleansing of thoughts because this is the eternity, an end to mortality we so desire. The longevity of life isn’t a function of time but of the birthing of purpose and vision…
Once upon a time, in a world called earth, a prince was born …he lived, he lives and will live on.

image sourced from Samsung HD pictures


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